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Download Music for THE MOVEMENT Dance Contest!!!….click here

Do you have what it takes to lead a group of 6 or more vibrant young dancers? Can you electrify an audience through a dance movement? Do you want to showcase your talents on center stage? Well, look no further, Generation Rochas is coming to NIGERIA and we want you to be apart of a movement that will create a stir in the lands of Africa. What better way to heighten the movement with a dance that will leave a mark and entice the crowd to join the platform created to identify, develop, and implement opportunities in Africa for Africans. Come! Join the Generation Rochas Movement and let’s showcase the dancers!!! Please note this is not a vicious competition, we want to spread the message of Generation Rochas through your involvement … Generation Rochas is a hub for encouraging good leadership, creativity and youth empowerment. It’s not an idea, IT’S A MOVEMENT….and the time is NOW!!!!

For submission guidelines, please inquire at – only open to contestants located in near or in Owerri, Imo State.

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