The Movement


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Below are details about the global initiative of the Movement for Good Governance. If you would like to be apart of “The Movement”, please fill out the application form. Click here to fill complete form


Who: The Second Coming
Why: How can the next generation lead in a way that will create positive results and impact social integrity?

What do they bring?

Change. Change. Change.



To educate young individuals about the importance of education and contributing to the development of Africa:

  • Presenting young individuals with positive role models to emulate who have a common background.
  • Increasing the multi-generational interaction within the African community.
  • Provide guidance and insight to those interested in returning home to contribute to the development of Africa

Target Audience?

Young Individuals that represent a new class of Leadership.

Exclusive Opportunities

Be apart of a MOVEMENT to encourage Good Governance!

  • Ability to serve on the Generation Rochas Local Leadership Council
  • Opportunity to be heard and voice your opinions
  • Contribute Content to the Quarterly Generation Rochas International Magazine
  • FREE Admission to our Annual Youth Summit Conference
  • Meet with outstanding leaders


About Generation Rochas

GENERATION ROCHAS….it’s not an idea, IT’S A MOVEMENT!…And the time is NOW! Birthed from the actions and diligence of the current Governor of Imo State and he precedes as a clear example for the current and next generation to follow to continue with the development of the continent of Africa. Our mission is to encourage social responsibility and create a platform for opportunities that can be invested within the communities.

Contact Information

Adanma Anukwuem