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The art of survival is created with the relentless effort to strive in the midst of uncertainties. Hope. Perseverance. Determination…These are the key ingredients that manifest themselves full circle, where the bottom becomes the top and the top becomes the bottom, yet this should not necessarily be perceived as negative. Just as life recycles itself, we will find different facets in our lives on the opposite side of what we perceive as success. The sides where we better understand the road taken and the road not taken, or in laymen’s terms this is called “innate understanding”.

We strive to be the cream of the crop; not knowing that we actually have surpassed our goals in many different ways, adding more to those particular goals that have highlighted the fact that we are already at our apex. It is at that very moment, we realize we do not need the accolades and society’s description of being at the top to satisfy our dream. Seeing that inside of me and inside of you, we have situated ourselves that we are actually there. The image that the people who we think are at the top is far from reality…believe it or not, it’s the illusion of persona that is being presented.

We become angry when we don’t see ourselves in that light…however, from the outside looking in; our audience takes a glimpse at us and sees more than we do. But in reality, they cannot see our soul neither our insecurities that we battle each and every day to overcome. We try to convince ourselves that reaching the top, we are more admired, respected, and depended on. Although, sometimes our top is our bottom and our bottom is our top. Our focus that we strive for is to be immaculate with a sense of being individualistic in our perceptions on life…so we continue our hustle and focus on our spiritual being to create the straight “STR8” ballin’ effect!

 Linda A. Anukwuem


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