About Us

GENERATION ROCHAS will ensure that all youth have the opportunity to be successful…in school, in a career, and in life. Our youth of today need a strategic guideline that will enhance their steps to a better tomorrow. GENERATION ROCHAS plans to develop a framework that articulates shared values through outreach programs, which will provide a representation of related issues.

We believe that for every youth’s diverse educational needs and issues are unique as their fingerprints. Success in educating, developing and motivating the hearts of our youth cannot be measured by any one particular generic standard or treatment service benchmark. True success can be found when you help someone to become a facilitator, leader, and efficient with their goals. They are able to take academic instruction, vocational skills, occupational skills, community service leadership values given through the programs, services and resources we facilitated, and work with it through their experience, knowledge and ability.

With our unique integrated resource program services and outreach support system, we can help REACH, INSPIRE, and INFORM our targeted populations to begin to take positive steps towards career outreach and lifestyle choices, with support solutions that will keep them steadfast on their course.